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zinc rolled sections

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zinc rolled sections

zinc rolled sections


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zinc rolled sections


Simar SpA, a division of the Cordifin Group SpA, has been working in the field of nonferrous metals for quite a few years.
Simar is now a leading firm in the manufacturing of rolled Zinc sections, sheets, strip, alloys and wire, both in Italy and on the international scene. 

The Porto Marghera production facilities near Venice extend to the boundaries of the Venetian lagoon: they were developed over an area of 86.000 sq. meters, 48.000 of which are occupied by buildings. On the north side a wide road connects the plant to the main artery linking Venice to the inland; the south side features a loading dock overlooking a navigable canal where different size ships may land.

The firm is strategically located to be easily reached by sea, by land and by railway; the Autostrada, a fast moving toll highway, is just minutes away.

It all started in 1936 when construction of the first plant began. The company went through the many changes witnessed by the last century and throughout the years it developed into one of the world's leading firms in the nonferrous metal business. 

The long-standing Italian tradition of excellence, the latest technological advances and state-of-the-art equipment have brought Simar to a high level of efficiency, reliability and competitiveness making it the ideal business partner for all companies that deal in this particular field.


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