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Zinc roofing

Zinc roofing is the result of the employment of zinc rolled sections in the construction field for roofs and coverings furthermore zinc roofing guarantees a long lasting performance through time.

zinc roofing

Roofs and coverings in zinc are the most employed nonferrous materials in the industry. For the roofing of buildings with Zinc, Simar recommends Zintek, the zinc copper titanium alloy, which is among the best materials for the coverings of roofs and building.

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Zinc roofing is widely used in the construction industry. Zinc rolled sections are the most widely employed nonferrous materials for roofing in Europe. The features of the nonferrous metal allow for optimum forming and welding properties for coverings, gutters and in particular for zinc roofing.

The excellent protection of Zinc from atmospheric corrosion allows for lower maintenance costs and restoration costs of roofing. It adds beauty and value to all types of architectural designs in the most disparate settings. For roofing, Simar Spa supplies zinc as coils, sheet and strip.


Which rolled sections are best suited for zinc roofing?

Surely Zintek, which is an alloy of zinc copper and titanium manufactured by Simar guaranteeing a long lasting performance through time with features that are aesthetically pleasing for coverings and zinc roofing.

What surface features does roofing with zinc rolled sections present?

The natural look of zinc roofing with ZINTEK is a grayish lustrous colour. The colour will be consistent and bright. The natural aspect of zinc may be altered thanks to particular surface treatments for roofing.


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