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Zinc alloys

Zinc alloys by Simar are alloys cast in ovens where Simar melts zinc featuring different properties with different outputs that can satisfy and meet all requirements for any employment of zinc alloys.

zinc alloys

Continuous investments in the plant and on alloys have brought Simar to a level of efficiency, reliability and competitiveness in the production of alloys, rolled sections and zinc wire, making it the ideal business partner for all companies that deal in the nonferrous metal market.
Besides supplying zinc alloys, Simar Spa deals with the production of zinc rolled sections and coverings for roofs in zinc.

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The alloys by Simar Spa are created in the melting ovens in three different outputs:
high-pressure die casting zinc alloys, zinc alloys with high aluminum content, and zinc alloys for centrifugal casting.

ALLOYS FOR HIGH-PRESSURE DIE CASTING: The high precision of the casting allows for the optimum employment of zinc alloys and allows for consequent finishing of pieces formed.

ALLOYS WITH HIGH ALUMINUM CONTENT: They are a very efficient alternative to copper and aluminum alloys with cost advantages, thus the melting properties of zinc and finishing procedures are improved.

ALLOYS FOR CENTRIFUGAL CASTING: they allow for the easy fabrication of moulds, which are long lasting and permit the almost complete recovery of zinc to be used in a second melting for new moulds and new alloys.


Which are the zinc alloys best suited for the melting of small series of pieces?

They are the SIZIN zinc alloys for centrifugal casting with the following features and properties:
- quick fabrication of moulds;
- long lasting performance of moulds;
- easy melting properties of zinc;
- resistance of alloys to all types of corrosion, without any particular effect on zinc;
- almost total recovery of the metal for any second melting requirement;


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